100% Cotton

Wernerfelt 100% cotton workwear fabrics combine all the comfort of cotton with the quality and durability needed for tough working clothes..

Available in a wide range of colours and weights from 270gsm to 375gsm, our 100% cotton fabrics are also Industrially launderable...

  • Low Shrinkage
  • Industrial Washing
  • high Colour Fastness
  • Comfort

100% Polyester

Durable, lightweight and easycare...with water repellent finish.

100% polyester fabrics offer high strength, excellent colour retention properties, comfort for the wearer and are industrially launderable..

  • Excellent Colour Fastness
  • Low Shrinkage
  • High Abrasion
  • Industrial Washing


Polyester /cotton fabrics are available in various constructions, weights and weaves as well cotton rich.

Many are available in High Visibility EN 20471 Orange, Yellow and Red including the classic 70/30 polyester cotton blend with polyester woven to the face side for extra durability and colour brilliance, with cotton woven to the inside for comfort in warmer climates.

  • Good Colour Fastness
  • Industrial Washing
  • High Abrasion charecteristics

High Visibility

High Visibility is an important and necessary requirement in many working environments from Railways to Airports and road works, construction, Emergency Services , Police and many more.

Reliability and performance is a must in these demanding circumstances. Wernerfelt high visibility fabrics are certified to EN 20471, also including some trim/contrast colours and are available in a wide range of weights and compositions .

  • High reflection and luminance values
  • Excellent colour fastness and colour migration properties
  • GORT certified for UK Rail sector
  • EN 20471 Orange, Red and Yellow + some contrast / trim colours
  • Laminated Foul Weather / High Visibility Bretex Waterproof / Breathable options


Wernerfelt Reinforcement fabrics provide hard wearing support for hard wearing clothing and accessories. Produced from high tenacity nylon or Cordura options, our fabrics are characterized by their durability and toughness.

  • High durability
  • Resistant to abrasion and tearing
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Lightweight, strong and durable, Wernerfelt Reinforcements are also available with the Bretex Waterproof / Breathable system

Waterproof / Breathable laminates

High performance laminated and coated fabrics for workwear and foul weather protection, including High Visibility and Reinforcement options. Our fabrics are promoted under the renowned Bretex brand, a name synonymous with protective fabrics for over 30 years, giving first class properties in –

  • Water column values
  • Breathability
  • Adhesion
  • Perfect handle for foul weather clothing Waterproof / Breathable system

Stretch for Workwear

Workwear fabrics with stretch properties play an increasingly important role in contemporary working clothes, offering enhanced comfort and ease of movement. The Wernerfelt Stretch range has both mechanical and Elastane possibilities offering –

  • Excellent retention and recovery properties
  • New levels of comfort related to flexibility and ease of movement
  • Durable high performance

Cotton / Nylon

Our Cotton / Nylon articles are synonymous with durability and comfort. In particular, our unique article “Beaver” is specially constructed with hardwearing nylon on the face side and comfortable cotton on the inside. Water and dirt repellent finish to give optimal personal protection in demanding environments.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance properties.

Customized Fabrics

Customized fabrics can be developed in cooperation with our customers. Working towards customer targets on performance, specification and certification therefore optimizing the cooperation between Wernerfelt, customer and external test institutes. Offering the possibility of new developments which deliver comfort, protection and value to the end user.

Ecolabel - EU Flower

All products that display the EU Ecolabel have been developed to ensure that their main environmental impacts are reduced throughout the product life-cycle. The label ensures that the best decisions for the environment are made at every point of the products’ life-cycle, while delivering high performance and value.


Quality Control