QualityWeight g/m²CompositionWeaveFinishOekotex
ES 93925092% Pes/8% ElastaneDouble weaveWater repellent
ES 94923547% Nylon/45% Pes/8% ElastaneDouble weaveWash and wear, Water repellent
ES 96927592% Pes/8% ElastaneDouble weaveWater repellent
PLJ 37926095% Nylon/5% T4001/1 Plain
RAT 33226065% Pes/35% COHalf PanamaMechanical stretch, Wash and wear
RAT 765160100% Pes1/1 PlainMechanical stretch, Water repellent
RES 95024539% Nylon/54% Pes/7% ElastaneRipstopWater repellent
RES 95424587% Nylon/13% ElastaneRipstopWater repellent
RES 95924592% Pes/8% ElastaneRipstopWater repellent
RES 97530090% Pes/10% ElastaneRipstopWater repellent
RFT 27227064% Pes/34% CO/2% XLA2/2 Wash and wear
RFT 44229560% CO/40% Pes2/2 CanvasMechanical stretch, Wash and wear
ROC 29229064% Recl. poly/34% Organic co/2% Elastane2/2 CanvasWash and wear
ROC 29429064% Recl. poly/34% Organic co/2% Elastane2/2 CanvasWater repellent
TAJ 79928045% Pes/55% T4002/1 TwillWater repellent 
TAT 1213600% Antistatic2/2 TwillFR 
TFJ 92024576% Pes/20% CO/4% Elastane3/1 TwillWater repellent
TFT 26025065% Pes/35% CO2/1 TwillMechanical stretch, Wash and wear
TFT 26125065% Pes/35% CO2/1 NankinMechanical stretch, Water repellent
TFT 58128062% CO/33% Pes
/4% Elastane/1% Antistatic
2/1 TwillFR 

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