QualityWeight g/m²CompositionWeaveFinishOekotex
EFT 46022073% Pes/26% Co/1% AntistaticEffectWater repellentV
NKT 42219550% Co/50% Pes2/1 TwillWater repellentV
NKT 62025065% Pes/35% Co2/1 KöperCrease resistantV
NL 51820065% Co/35% Co2/1 KöperWash and wearV
PLT 54016552% Pes/48% Co1/1 PlainWash and wearV
PS 4024565% Pes/35% Co2/2 TwillWash and wearV
RAT 33226065% Pes/35% CoHalf PanamaMechanical stretch, Wash and wearV
RFT 11231065% Pes/35% Co2/2 PanamaWash and wearV
RFT 11331065% Pes/35% Co2/2 PanamaEmerized back, Wash and wearV
RFT 21226065% Pes/35% Co2/2 PanamaWash and wearV
RFT 26028075% Pes/25% Co2/2 PanamaWater repellentV
RFT 44229560% Co/40% Pes2/2 PanamaMechanical stretch, Wash and wearV
SST 725140-14550% Pes/50% Co1/1 PlainCrease resistantV
SST 83812050% Co/50% Co1/1 PlainCrease resistantV
TAT 10331040% Pes/60% Co2/2 TwillWash and wearV
TAT 41130065% Pes/35% Co3/1 TwillEmerized back, Wash and wearV
TAT 41730065% Pes/35% Co RS3/1 TwillWash and wearV
TAT 59529080% Pes/20% Co3/1 TwillWater repellentV
TAT 72124545% Pes/55% Co OE3/1 TwillWater repellentV
TAT 72930070% Pes/30% Co3/1 TwillWater repellentV
TAT 75930080% Pes/20% CoEffectWater repellentV
TFJ 91824570% Pes/30% Co OE3/1 TwillWater repellentV
TFJ 92024576% Pes/20% Co/4% Elastane3/1 TwillWater repellentV
KS 16827065% Pes/35% Co2/2 TwillWash and wearV
TFT 26025065% Pes/35% Co2/1 KöperMechanical stretchV

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